Our 8 Week Challenge is FINALLY back, this time even bigger and better.  Please email us on info@bodyevolutionsa.com for our challenge booklet as the file was too big to upload on our website.

You may enter the challenge either as a:


Mealplan & Recipes Client


You will be provided with customised mealplans & recipes based on your weight.  These mealplans come with recipes.  All meals are suitable for the whole family and we do not eliminate any food groups. You will cook your own meals based on the recipes and portion sizes provided to you.  Recipe ingredients can be obtained from any grocery store and recipes can be repeated (as long as you stick to your portion allowances).  You may also enter the challenge as a Banting Meals and Keto Meals client.  In this case, you will be given banting and keto mealplans with recipes.

We cater for all diets - meat eaters or vegetarians & vegans.


8 Week Challenge Mealplans & Recipes - R1 200.  Payment options - R 650 per month (over 2 months)  or discount of R 100 off for upfront payment.

or as a:

Meal Delivery Client

Meals will be cooked for you and delivered to you on a weekly basis for the duration of the package chosen.  We do not deliver your meals all at once.  This is to ensure that your meals are fresh.  Our food menu changes on a weekly basis and you will receive different meals for everyday.  No repetition of meals. 

We also prep and deliver Banting and Keto meals.  The banting and keto menu can be downloaded from the "Weekly Menu" section at the bottom of the page (under downloads).


Your meals will be prepared according to your food preferences as provided in your completed assessment form.  We prepare different fish, meat, chicken, vegetarian, vegan meals on a weekly basis.  We deliver meals nationwide, anywhere within South Africa.  Our weekly food menu is uploaded under the "Weekly Menu" Section at the bottom of the page (under downloads).


Only clients that sign up for our 2 Week or 1 Month Meal Delivery Packages will be eligible to enter the 8 Week Challenge for free.  You will also get a free complimentary mealplan and recipes to guide you on your breakfast options as well as snacking and dining out options.  Our 2 week and 1 month meal delivery packages can be found at the bottom of this page. 


We cater for all diets - meat eaters or vegetarians/ vegans.


8 Week Week Challenge Meal Delivery - see meal delivery package costs at the bottom of this page.

Registration is NOW OPEN and has been extended and will close on the 7th of APRIL 2019 .  Full payment must be made by 7 APRIL 2019.

8 Week Challenge Start Date:  1 April 2019 - 31 May 2019.



There will be 5 WINNERS for each challenge.  The winners will be selected based on the best transformation

The prizes are:

1st Place:    2 Week Meal Delivery Package (valued at R 1690)

2nd Place:  1 Week Meal Delivery Package (valued at R 850)

3rd Place:   3kg Bulk Protein Package (valued at R700)

4th Place:   1 Month Mealplan & Recipes and Coaching Package 

5th Place:    Lorna Jane Gym Wear Voucher

How the Challenge Works:

Download the pdf challenge booklet below for more information on our challenge and what it entails.

Complete the attached assessment form at the bottom of this page and email it to info@bodyevolutionsa.com.  Your completed form will be used to draft your mealplans and recipes.

If you are taking part in the challenges and opt for our 2 Week or 1 Month meal delivery service, please indicate same on the assessment form.

Upon receipt of your email, someone from our team will contact you with further instructions.

What you get when you participate:

  1. Mealplans & Recipes (see attached pdf for further details).

  2. Additional Recipes throughout the challenge. 

  3. 8 Week Challenge ebook Guide with comprehensive snacks list, carbs list, dining out options, vegetables list, spices and condiments allowed list.

  4. Basic Mealplan - learn how to cook meals from scratch using ingredients you already have.  Budget friendly meals for you and your family.

  5. FREE Workout Programs

  6. Lifestyle Tips.

  7. 24/7 support and motivation on my private community forums - both instagram and facebook.

  8. Weekly weigh ins and monitoring of weight.


Below are our different meal delivery packages, assessment form and 8 week challenge booklet

Click the arrows on the image below to view our different meal delivery packages.





Click below to download the form, Fill it out and mail it along with your order to: info@bodyevolutionsa.com


Click below to download the pdf summary of the 8 week and 12 Week Challenges.