The Daniel Fast is a spiritually motivated diet based on the Biblical book of Daniel.  It commonly refers to a 10 or 21 day abstinence from food declared unclean by God in the laws of Moses.

The aim of this diet is to refrain from what are described in Daniel as “royal foods” including meat, sweet bread and wine.


This diet only consists of whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, pulses.  This is basically a vegan diet which excludes the consumption of animal products.


This fast can be done at any time and we do provide mealplans as well as prepare meals for those partaking in the fast.  Because this is a very restrictive diet, we have managed to put together recipes and meals that contain all food groups – namely carbs, protein, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits.  Our recipes and ready made meals are healthy and you are guaranteed of benefiting “health wise” while on the fast. 


Below are the various options that you can sign up for while on the fast:


Option 1: 


Mealplans and Recipes .


This consists of a 7 day mealplan & recipes, a snacks list as well as a Daniel Fast ebook , compiled by Body Evolution.  The ebook contains additional recipes and snacks as well as desserts that can be consumed .  These mealplans contain different recipes for each day.  It is flexible in the sense that you can repeat meals or swop your meals around, as long as you stick to the food portions (that would apply to weight loss individuals/ clients).


All meals are suitable for the whole family as they contain all food groups.



Option 2:


Meal Delivery Packages

Below are various packages  in respect of Daniel fast ready made meals.


Our food delivery menu changes weekly and meals are delivered weekly for the duration of the package.