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7 Ways To Keep Healthy When You're Working A Crazy Schedule

We all have busy lifestyles and sometimes we may find it difficult to juggle between studies, being a career woman, a mother or having to travel alot for work. Your schedule might leave you with hardly any time to take care of yourself.

However, this does not mean that you should ignore yourself. I am sure you have seen that famous quote from Jim Rohn - "Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live".

Below are the 7 tips that will help you power through the busy days:

1. Avoid liquid calories

Cut out sugar-laden juices, high calorie sodas and high calorie energy drinks. These just add empty calories to your diet, adding to your waistline but not to your nutrition line. Rather opt for the zero calorie or low calorie energy drinks or water.

2. Plan your meals ahead of time

Yes, you work hard and are super busy, but you must have a weekly off. Use the day smartly so as to be on track with your health goals. Pre-cook food for the week in batches and freeze for later use. Narrow down your food choice to 2/3 dishes. This will allow you to cook in large batches and save time.

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Prepping your meals in advance will stop you from buying that unhealthy takeout and it will keep you focused for the week.

3. Snack healthy

Load your office fridge with healthy snacks and keep some healthy snacks in your handbag as well. Healthy snacks include things like nuts, almonds, air popped popcorn, fruit, biltong. Smoothies also make very good snacks. Visit our website for more information on our different smoothie packages.

When you sign up for a meal plan or my meal delivery service, I provide you with a snacks list which contains a vast range of snack options with your portions calculated for you. Click her to read more about what my meal plans entail.

4. Workout

Yes, you are short on time, but your health should be a priority too. Schedule your gym time, whether it means working out early in the morning before everyone gets up, or during your lunch break or after dinner. You can always find a 30 minute slot to squeeze in a workout. Go for a walk or do anything that will keep you active for at least 30 minutes. Home exercise plans or workout dvds are also very effective.

5. Stay active

You burn more fat standing than sitting! Use this to your advantage. When in the office, try to stand or walk as much as possible. Use the stairs whenever possible. Stretch in your cubicle. Walk around when on the phone. If reading a document, stand and do it. Wherever possible, aim to be active. Every small bit counts towards using your body, exercising it fitter and healthier.

6. Supplement

A large majority of people are deficient in Vitamin D. The sun vitamin is likely low for you if you hardly see sunlight, being as you are cooped in an office or busy at home! Check with your doctor for relevant supplements that you can take.

Calcium and iron are two most common nutrients women lack in. Our bodies need more of these than men, and so we are more prone to their deficiency. Calcium deficiency not only affects your bone health, but also interferes with your weight loss efforts.

Iron deficiency will affect your overall health significantly. You feel tired, may have a poor appetite, behavioral problems, increased risk of heart problems and much more.

Dose up on the multivitamins in order to boost your immune system. Stress tends to weaken your immune system making your body prone to catching the common cold or any other diseases or illnesses.

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7. Sleep

Your body needs 7-9 hours of sleep every single night. Most of us are guilty of treating sleep as a luxury. As a confession, I am one of those sometimes, especially when working on a deadline. Develop good sleep hygiene by keeping all electronics out of the bedroom or away from your bedside table. Make a pre-bed time routine of reading a book, listening to soothing music, meditating, or whatever works to help you smoothly transition to sleep.

So there we have it, some tips that may help you stay healthy even on a crazy schedule. Some things might seem easy to implement, and others not so much, but the bottom line is not to give up. Your health matters the most. So make it a priority and get going!

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