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What To Do When You Hit A Plateau

What's your weight loss goal? To drop a dress size? To lose a couple of kilograms or pounds? To tone up while doing it?

Having a game plan is great, and following through with it is even better, but what happens when you hit a plateau? Hitting a plateau can make you feel so helpless considering the amount of effort you would have put in to shed off the weight. Plateaus do happen and you need to learn how to stay ahead of your weight loss goals.

Simple lifestyle changes may have helped you lose the weight initially. You gave up soda, you gave up sugar, you said "no" to the midday chips and cookies circling your office, and you stopped indulging in takeout food. Losing weight is SO easy! you thought. Then bam came the plateau. Now what? You feel totally unmotivated by the fact that giving up fast food and hitting the gym isn't helping you to reach your ultimate weight loss goal. The number on the scale won't budge. What gives?

You don't have to start running 10 kilometers a day and cutting calories significantly to get those last lingering kg's off. There are simple ways to adjust your routine and habits to help you get over the hump and reach the weight you desire.

The following tweaks can help you break that plateau:

1. Adjust your calorie intake

Because you've lost some weight, your body needs fewer calories to provide proper energy throughout the day. You cannot consume the same amount of calories when you weighed eg. 80kg to when you dropped down to 75kg. It is important to keep in mind that while adjusting those calories, you don't deprive or starve your body, as this will slow down your metabolism preventing you from losing more weight.

While on my weight loss program, I monitor your weight on a weekly basis and as your weight starts to drop, I change your portions accordingly and make adjustments to your meal plan. After every 4 weeks, I provide my clients with new meal plans with different meals and adjusted portion sizes/ calorie intake. To sign up for my meal plans, click here.

2. Revamp your routine

While running 5km or 10km every single day may have helped the weight to fall off at first, your body has now gotten used to the routine. Your muscles aren't sore anymore because they've come to expect this exercise, and so the routine is less effective.

To melt ore body fat, you have to switch things up. If you're doing the same run every day, and love it, try interval running. Try adding jump roping (skipping) into your workouts. You won't believer the muscles you find sore the next day after your first time!

High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) is another great option for burning body fat.

3. Try a new physical activity

Another great option is to incorporate something that feels less like working out and more like a new hobby. Start playing tennis, go rock climbing or hiking or swimming.

Not only will you introduce your muscles to new exercise, thereby using more calories, but you'll also find motivation to keep yourself active, because let's face it, a run, a yoga class, a HIIT workout can feel boring if you do it too much.

Switching things up keeps everything fresh and makes you look forward to doing it.

4. Drink more water

much is enough? You might think you're consuming enough water, but chances are, you're slacking. The more water you drink, the more calories you burn. Research has found that drinking water increases the amount of calories you burn, called resting energy expenditure.

It's the small tweaks that can make a big difference, so go ahead and get back to losing weight! All the insight for how to stay ahead of your weight loss goals is right here.

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I hope hat you have found my article interesting and that it has helped you gain insight as to why you have hit a plateau.

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